Friday, December 18, 2009

The Hunt for Gollum

Another Fanfilm. This time made by a UK crew for $5000.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Happiness is a Warm Gun

I dedicate this to Andy. Its really about sex and drugs, but I laughed regardless.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Todd's pistol is good enough for a pussy

"One Serious Sixgun
I’ve had a lot of experience with the long-barreled versions of the .454 Super Redhawk. I’ve shot both .454 Casull and .45 Colt loads on the review range and hunting in the field. I’ll be blunt: Shooting the Super Redhawk with full-power .454 Casull ammunition, in any barrel length, is a punishing experience. The gun contains no recoil-management features beyond the original .44 Super Redhawk design, and it weighs less than the .44 Magnum version. Prospective purchasers of a Super Redhawk .454, or indeed any .454 Casull handgun, need to clearly understand what they are in for. If you think the .44 Magnum is a powerful, hard-kicking cartridge, know that the .454 Casull is nearly 1 1/2 times more powerful, and operates at more than 15,000 psi greater pressure. It develops an entirely different level of recoil and is not intended for casual shooting. Guns designed to fire it are intended for hunting high-level dangerous game or for defense against life-threatening attack, not an afternoon banging away on the range. Be prepared."
- Shooting

Friday, December 4, 2009

I.M.P.S. The Relentless: Chapter 2 - Norca System

This is the second chapter of the I.M.P.S. star wars fan film. It's made by the production team that made Troops back in 1997 I think. Chapter 1 came out during high school. This shit has been 5 years in the making! They plan on a total of 8 chapters. And they're all narrated by Peter Cullen (Optimus Prime).

I'm not sure if I've shown you all Chapter 1 before so here it is.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Funny Random Shit

Alright. Click on this posting to see the other pictures, then answer the new poll. Because I got sick of studying. They're just random pictures from the funny shit I have gathered.

EDIT: Turns out you can't even insert images into comments. So, instead of filling the whole front page of the blog with pictures, go here: