Sunday, March 28, 2010

Motivation Required

Alright guys, I need some motivation in order to not turn out like you know who. I sit around and do nothing all day. Having no job and no reason to get your ass out of bed every day before noon eventually becomes very depressing. I'm going to start working out, but I need some extra motivation. So I propose a game. A high stakes game. We each try to guess how much weight I will/won't lose in the next 6 weeks. I'd put $50 in saying I'll lose 30 lb.

Starting weight: 245 lb.
The rules: We all put in the same bet. Closest to weight lost is winner or 1st place takes 75% and 2nd takes 25% of the pot.

Thoughts? Feel free to influence me whatever way you wish during this period. If you put your money on 10 lb. you can go ahead and try to get me to eat tons of pizza lol. Let me know, cuz I'd like to get started this week.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Perfect Dark on Xbox Live Arcade

Has anyone heard about this? It comes out on March 17 for 800 points (10?). Now they just need to do Goldeneye.