Sunday, March 28, 2010

Motivation Required

Alright guys, I need some motivation in order to not turn out like you know who. I sit around and do nothing all day. Having no job and no reason to get your ass out of bed every day before noon eventually becomes very depressing. I'm going to start working out, but I need some extra motivation. So I propose a game. A high stakes game. We each try to guess how much weight I will/won't lose in the next 6 weeks. I'd put $50 in saying I'll lose 30 lb.

Starting weight: 245 lb.
The rules: We all put in the same bet. Closest to weight lost is winner or 1st place takes 75% and 2nd takes 25% of the pot.

Thoughts? Feel free to influence me whatever way you wish during this period. If you put your money on 10 lb. you can go ahead and try to get me to eat tons of pizza lol. Let me know, cuz I'd like to get started this week.


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  2. First of all I would like to say YESS!! to the picture. You need to keep posting these.

    Second: Andy can't see you in the next 6 weeks cause he will be able to notice a physical change and thus has an advantage over Rames and I. lol
    What do you plan on doing for your workout?

  3. 30 lb in 6 weeks is a tall order. The most I've ever lost is 30 lb in 8 weeks. That was that first season on the rowing team which kicked my ass.

    I want to know your workout before I put any money down. You could be doing the christian bale machinist diet for all I know.

  4. Also, I need odds to make a decision. What do you reckon the odds for losing 30 lb is? What are the odds on losing -30 lb?

  5. Rofl the machinist. I thought I was the only one who ever saw that movie. I'm not really sure what I'm doing for my workout. I'm going to stop eating all this shitty food, stop drinking pop, and finally get off my ass. You have to make note that I dont do ANYTHING right now. I donno whats gonna go on for my workout. Probably ride a bike three days a week (or similar cardio) and lift after that. Then lift other stuff the other two days.

    As far as odds go, I'm not sure. The chances I lose more than 30 are extremely low. Good chance I don't get there. I've basically set 30 as my goal. I don't have very good chances... but its my goal... and if you guys are in... I lose 30 lb AND i win all your money by getting there lmao. I'm not going on the machinist diet btw.

    lol what'd you put on that post you deleted don?

  6. Ohhh nothing... I was more interested in the whole workout than the bet, so I said you need to keep us updated every week with your weight... lol

    You should do some running if you want to meet your goal. I must also say, if I put money down, I need to know the workout, and how often it is done.

    Have you been working on that dune buggy?

  7. "The chances I lose more than 30 are extremely low. Good chance I don't get there."

    I'm not sure about that. I'm sure you know that moving one mass takes more energy than than a lighter mass at the same velocity. I think if we were both to go on the same workout you would see a greater initial weight loss rate than I would that would gradually level off. When I lost that 30 lb in 8 weeks it was my first season on the rowing team. I think if you work up to running 2,3,4, or 5 miles every day and stick to it, 30 lb is probably realistic.

    How much did you lose the last time you went on a regimen? How long was it?

  8. Ok... back when I was working at best buy.. I lost 50-60 lb. in 3 months. I didn't pay much attention to what I ate, but that usually meant that I hardly ate more than pure protein and pushed myself to the edge for 8 hours every day i worked. But I know what you mean.... if we both went on the same exercise regiment I would definitely lose more weight than you. I'm going to start tomorrow and then give it a trial week to determine how weak my body actually is, then I'll decide what to do. I'll keep you posted. Maybe we could give it two weeks to start up and then do a six week bet. lol whatever idk

  9. between "infinite" funds, hungry howies coupons and my appetite for pizza you will fail!!!!

  10. JK!!! I'll only eat pizza and taco bell on days u dont come over. i like the idea of a trial period first, if u like it then i'll have to lift with u cause working out by urself sucks