Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hanzel und Gretyl

This is some of the best music ever. (other than the lyrics some of the time) Rames, you should like Kaizerreich, its my favorite. Also look up "Number 1 in Deutschland" and "Lederhozen Macht Frei."


  1. lol "kaizer reich": Emperor's Realm. nice.

    Pretty HEVY stuff, I like. I like how Number 1 in Deutschland has old vocal samples.
    I need to find a good quality version of stuff. Youtube doesn't do it justice I'm sure

  2. i like that one too, i bought the whole album on itunes

  3. It said on Wikipedia that these two are American. New Yorkers actually

  4. "3rd reich from the sun" "SS deathstar supergalactik" "Hellalujah" "Let the planets burn" Yeah, they pretend to be or are nazis from new york.