Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Get your 3D glasses out!

James Cameron is such an unoriginal bastard.

The UK based mining group Vedanta Resources has found a large deposit of bauxite in India which they wish to exploit, also known as to fondle. The bauxite is located under the Niyamgiri Hill. So they want to open an open pit mine which will first require the removal of the hill. The only problem is a group of indigenous people called the Dongria Kondh who consider the mountain sacred and who live on it. Vedanta says that before they begin to mine, they'll disperse the "cockroaches" with teargas saying that "...it'll be humane". Afterwards, they'll fire bomb the entire hill in preparation for the mine. The Dongria Kondh have contacted James Cameron hoping he can supply them with Toruks and fully automatic weapons, although they said they'll accept Ikrans. Vedanta says they'll retaliate for any attacks with a phalanx of Bagger 228's and Amplified Mobility Platform suits following a battle plan of extreme prejudice and scorched earth.

Disclaimer: Some of the above may or may not be bullshit.


  1. This is hilarious, considering we watched this movie the other day. I lol'd

  2. ROFL the best part of that is the picture at the end. Nice Rames

  3. do you know why the germans made that big machine? it was a secret project to make an uber panzer.
    nice rames, lmfao