Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oh yes, there will be blood.

This is why you break in your hiking boots longer than 4 days before a major hiking trip. Matt blames this on the shape of his feet, though. Curiously enough, I did the same thing (4 day break-in) but my boots turned out to be the most comfortable things I ever tied to my feet.

I'll upload all of my IR pictures to flicker or somewhere soon, but not Facebook. Facebook will rape my panoramas and leave behind a husk of a landscape.


  1. that moose would have kicked ur ass, too bad u didnt have a 500

  2. awesome pictures rames. Personally, I like photobucket. Thats what I use to link pictures here. Works real well for gifs and super hires pictures and stuff. Glad i didn't see those heels before lunch.

  3. Oh, and its glad to know that you're still alive lol