Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Road Trip 2012

In light of the fact that a round trip to Italy will cost us around $1400 each (cost of flight only), Rames and I had discussed the possibility of hiking/camping somewhere like Glacier National Park. Could be a badass adventure (see above picture). Personally, I'd like to make a call on what we're doing and have ample time to prepare.



  1. I am willing to go abroad for a vacation some time and not be a horse's ass about it, but I don't know about this year. I had no idea it might cost that much. It might be two or three times that much if you include food, lodging, transportation, souvenirs, tours, tickets, wine, etc. And is 6 months long enough to plan such a trip?

    It doesn't have to be that National Park, but any one will be spectacular in July. I've only heard good things from people who have been to Glacier though. And I think they allow you to carry hand guns for personal protection only (bears, roaming packs of crackheads, etc.). Hell, you guys could meet up with me here and we could drive the rest of the way.

  2. The more I think about it, the more awesome I think a legit backpacking adventure would be. It will be less expensive and we'll know exactly how much it will cost because the only expenses we incur after leaving home are gas and park permits.

  3. Keyword: legit.

    Check out this bear spray website.

  4. A hiking adventure would be a lot of fun. Do you guys already have a hiking pack? or other required equipment? What would I need to do this?

    I'm not so sure about driving to Montana. It's a ways away and we all have limited vacation.

  5. Yes, its around 1800 miles from here and I don't (yet) own any of the required equipment.

    All that being said, one of the guys I work with has gone there annually for the past four years. Since I mentioned it, he has repeatedly told me how awesome it is and that we have to go white water rafting if we go.

  6. I used to have an external rack hiking pack, but I got rid of it because it was uncomfortable. I would buy internal rack packs like these.

    What I think as other bare minimums:
    Backpacking boots are stiff soled so you don't feel rough terrain and jagged rocks through your feet. Flexible soled boots will allow your feet to take a beating.
    Lots of wool and polyester socks.
    Sleeping bag
    Sleeping pad. Not absolutely necessary, but worth it.
    Enough water container space to carry 3-4L of water.
    Water filtration pump. We would only need one for us all.
    Camp stove and enough fuel. Not everyone needs their own stove, but having two is convenient.
    Enough food. Freeze dried dinners are decent. Packets of tuna are easy, no prep.
    Eating utensils and maybe a cup and pot or pan for boiling water.
    First aid.
    Although rain gear isn't really necessary, it could take days to dry out.
    Mosquito head net. Maybe bug spray.
    Sun screen.
    Do any of you get allergic reactions? This one guy always hiked with epinephrine autoinjectors, epipens.
    Tents. Two two-person ultralight tents works if there are four of us.
    A knive.

    If we only have about a week to spend out there I doubt our packs would be more than 50Lb. I think they say your pack should weigh 25% of your body weight or something.

    Ben, ask that guy at work what the bear situation is like. I would take bear spray anyways, but what about bear proof food containers? White water rafting sounds awesome.