Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Work is fun

A few weeks ago, someone ordered t-rails from us. If you don't know what they are, they're just big long iron/steel rails with a t-shaped slot cut through them. The original order was for "as cast" t-slots, which means they would be cast in and look like fucking shit lol. Today, Ryan (guy I work with) changed them to machined from solid so they would look better and we could machine them immediately. He sent an email to the kid who was supposed to deal with this shit to make sure the company knows about the change before we do it. None of this will change the time they recieve their shit but they need to be informed... but anyway this his response:


I had placed the purchase order for all products including 4 engine
jacks and 6 T-Rails on 5/20/2009. I was told over the phone that all components
were ready for delivery once my purchase request was received. I was also told
that lead time on these items was 4-6 weeks. I received your first request on
approval of engineer drawings of the T-Rails on 6/5/2009 (2 ½ weeks after Bay
Cast had received my purchase request). It has been almost one month since
purchase order forms were filed here at Lubrizol and all that I have received
from Bay Cast is ANOTHER request for approval on engineer drawings (meaning
that fabrication of the T-Rails has not begun). Design and fabrication of other
components have already been started here with respect to the previously
approved drawings. Design and construction on this project does not stop while
waiting for components from outside suppliers, however progress maybe halted if
sudden unforeseen changes arise and delivery times are not met.

What is the delivery time of the engine jacks? What is the
fabrication time of the T-Rails? What is the delivery time of the T-Rails?
Is the approval on the most recent drawings necessary?

Please respond via email so that a paper copy of all conversations
is kept. Please let me know if there is anything else you need to expedite this

Greg Miranda

What a fucking dickhead, right? Notice anything strange there? "Co-op Engineer".... this kids a fucking co-op student. What a douchebag. I told Ryan that on delivery day, he should shit in a bag and on it write "Deliver to Greg D. Miranda".


  1. Ryan decided to machine them? Why is that necessary? Just so they look pretty? I don't understand...

    -Bag of Douche

  2. lol well the castings were going to be delivered from India, but we already had solid t-rails sitting out in the yard that someone bailed for. Basically, we can grab those and machine them for cheaper than casting them because they were already half paid for anyway. Plus faster.