Monday, January 18, 2010

Cut down the street, not across

I just can't go on anymore.

People are experiencing depression and suicidal thoughts after seeing Avatar. There's many threads about this on some avatar forum. Apparently, about 85% of people experience one to all of these symptoms.
* Anxiety
* Restlessness
* Irritability
* Insomnia
* Headaches
* Poor concentration
* Depression
* Social isolation

So fess up. Who's cutting themselves?


  1. I think its more like 85% of people that went out of their way to seek out some fuckin obscure survey are super emo.

    ....and I'm the one cutting myself. I'm in the 85%

  2. There is always a way to skew stats...

    *anxiety - the roads were bad after we got out
    *restlessness - i just sat for 3 fuckin hours
    *irritability - i wish i had alloy bones and was 11 feet tall
    *insomnia - i took a 4 hour nap before i went
    *headaches - 3d, need i explain anymore?
    *poor concentration - texting while driving on the way home
    *depression - from the aforementioned symptoms
    *social isolation - i just left a room with 100 people and drove 30 min home alone

  3. Wow i just read all the links. You fuckin emo liberal pussies. If you want to be Na'vi by all means gather at a big fucking tree and the rest of us sensible people will kill you all. Your life on earth sucks and you cant go to pandora, deal with it.

  4. I think these people were depressed and suicidal to begin with. They just didn't realize it until they saw this unrealistic fiction:
    "Wow, what a perfect and care-free world where everyone is perfect and care-free. Now I have to go back to my shitty job, shitty apartment, and unfulfilling life." (responsibilities in general)

    A critical look at this fictional "reality":
    So the Na'vi live in this beautiful, perfect world where everything that moves wants to kill them (yet there are no scars or disfigurements and no maimed/crippled/diseased Na'vi).
    They have this wonderful culture where everyone is cared for and everything is natural (but there is no commerce/currency/jobs in their absolute monarchy to speak of).
    Everything is provided to them by their god Eywa which was scientifically proven to physically exist (this is a projection of humanity's imaginary Gods which aren't real and don't provide for people; whose existence can't rely on anything as certain and comforting as scientific evidence)

    It seems to me that these depressed, suicidal people are the types that would have become hippies in another generation. They should try living a paleolithic lifestyle for a year in THIS reality and see if their depression doesn't clear up when they get back to civilization.

    So yeah, life is a shit sandwich and everyday we take another bite. That's a reality that's too much for these fucking people to deal with. Maybe they should kill themselves.

  5. ROFL at everything above.

    I think the Na'vi lack maimed/crippled/diseased citizens because they tie them up just outside the city limits to die. That way the weak are picked off, the village is void of dangerous creatures, and everyone else is preserved in a wholesome perfect society.

    Think of the leader of the Na'vi as a cross between Hitler and Obama. He can convince the people of any fucking crazy thing to fit his personal agenda a.k.a. his vision of a perfect society. And that involves killing a lot of people. Oh, and his agenda is actually good for society. So when you think about it... I guess the only thing hes taking from Obama is being black. ZINNG.

  6. Maybe because anything that happens to them fucks them up so bad AND there's nothing to do about it. So they just die anyways. In terms of medicine I think the Na'vi are equivalent to Christian Science.