Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jobhunt 2010

Just heard back from Dow Corning. I had a campus interview with a recruiter waayyy back in November. He was VERY awkward and I was the last interview of the day. I didn't expect it to turn out very well, but here iss what I finally got from them yesterday.

Dear Ben,

We appreciate the time you spent talking with our company representatives about Dow Corning and your career plans. After carefully reviewing your credentials, as well as our specific needs, we are unable to offer you further consideration for our Mechanical Engineer position at this time.

We wish you success as you pursue other career opportunities.

Dow Corning Corporation
Americas HR Service Center

I lol'd at that email. So, you guys find a job yet? When's your spring career fair, assuming you have one?


  1. That's shitty dude.
    Where are you going to try next?

    I haven't applied anywhere yet. I want to have the career center have a look at my resume and I need to write cover letters (gay)

    Career fair this spring is going to suck I predict.

  2. That gif is fucking awesome. Jackass?

  3. Actually I'm still waiting for Dow Chemical to get back to me. If that falls through, I'll be going to the career fair thats either next week or the following. I'm gonna get a hold of Dow Chemical tomorrow cuz they need to wrap this shit up asap and give me a job lol.

    Oh, and that gif is just something random I found. I have no clue what its actually from lol.