Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Fuck?

I'm going to start a professional diet system and market it on tv. Its called "Don't eat like a fatass and GTFO your house!"

I lost 10 lb. last week. I'm not sure how. lol. So.. thats week one. I think I'm going to start mowing greens at the golf course for an extra dose of working out. This will also force me to be up earlier every day so I feel like I'm accomplishing something with my life instead of wasting away as a jobless drifter.


  1. Good for you. So you haven't been working out, just changed your diet?

    Have you been applying to jobs out of state? How far are you willing to move?

  2. Dude, go on my diet. It's the "Walk Around a lot and Starve" diet. 15 days on Isle Royale. I'm leaving on the 14th of May. We're back on the 28th. I lost weight at a rate of 10 Lb per week last time I went. We made a 110 mile round trip through the island. We need one more person.

  3. lol it sounds like a great idea, but i'd rather stick around here during that time and hunt down a job. Being unreachable at any time could be a bad idea.