Monday, August 13, 2012

Mars Science Laboratory

Did you guys watch this thing land? Ok, there was only JPL engineers to watch going fucking nuts during the live broadcast, but it was still incredible to watch.

I was going to post a string of images and videos here, but the media is already saturated with this stuff. Stuff like actual video of its descent, hi-res video of the same thing, hi-res panoramas, a picture of the 3km high central uplift, and even a fucking picture of this autonomous, nuclear powered, extraterrestrial rover parachuting to the surface captured by one of two of our observing satellites orbiting around another planet. We live in the future.

But I think this is better.

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  1. Interesting speech. I think we're beyond 'cruising' though. People will be passing us by with these results:

    Everyone is caught up in what Kim Kardashian and Snookie are up to. The day the rover landed, it wasn't even headline news (not on MSN anyway). I had to do a search to learn about it.