Friday, May 8, 2009

At least she wouldn't be handling money...

phone home

It looks like Obama will get his supreme court pick after all.

I believe The Khaki Elephant put it best:
"Jennifer Granholm decimated the Michigan economy before decimated economies were in style, so why not let her have a go at the Constitution?"


  1. I think i figured it out, the state of michigan has offered to line obama's pockets for taking this bitch out of our state. and where the fuck is she in this picture? Is she sportscasting at applebee's for arab sports?

  2. Well, that guy has a Wayne State shirt on (yellow). So I'm guessing shes in Michigan still... must be Dearborn... lol its funny but probably true.

  3. Granholm phone home...

    The picture is from some site reporting how she cut the "FIRST" robot competition (on the microphone) from the budget. That explains the safety glasses and the referee thats staring directly into the camera. It doesn't explain the rug she's wearing (snuggie?) or the epic pose, however.

  4. Wait... wtf? She actually WENT there and shut it down? I fucking hate this bitch. Fucking ignorant ass people are keeping her here. I'm sick of it. She needs to GTFO