Saturday, May 2, 2009

Even Better

After telling Chris (my roommate) about Holocauster Tycoon, he told me that the Klan has a game. So... I went on a hunt... and let me tell you... its not fantastic, but I have found it. It's called Ethnic Cleansing. I'm sure you're sitting there in disbelief as I was. Just watch the video. In only one hour and twenty minutes my download will complete and I will have in my possetion a copy of this game, and will wait until I return home to play it on Andy's computer. There is no way I'm installing this on my computer lol. How this evaded the all seeing demon eyes of Hilary Clinton we will never know.

Listen closely to the sounds the guys in the game make when they die.... lol

EDIT: Game complete. Seriously, I'm not installing this on my computer. I would send it to you guys, but its 120MB (lol). If you want I can break it into chunks and email it.

EDIT: I uploaded the file to filefactory. Its a pain in the ass to download, but its available. You click "download for free" then fill in the code, then click the link to download. If you get an error saying the server is full just try again. Here you GOOOO!! Enjoy!


  1. yeah uh im not going to install this either cause i only have 119mb free space, but it is pretty funny

  2. wtf? 119mb free space? dude if u don't clear that out your computer is going to run like shit. always keep at least 15% of ur hard drive free. Maybe you should go get a 1TB external hard drivel lol. Or maybe just a 500GB or something.

  3. i'm just being a smartass so you can't put this shitty game on my computer

  4. Yeah I know. I'm deleting it lol... do not want. I'll leave it up on filefactory if anyone else does though! You have to at least watch the video....