Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dude... guys...

What the FUCK!? If the CEO of GM srsly thinks he can pull this shit off and get money from the government, hes fucking ape shit. Even if they get the money and this plan IS real, hes not going to get away with his life, because I'm gonna hit him with a Hummer and then laugh hysterically as I park it on his nuts. No, wait - better plan. I'll knock him down with the Hummer, then Andy can shoot him with his dirty gun, and then I'll throw my GM stock on him and call 911. "This man tried to rob me with a gun. While trying to the get the gun from him, he was accidentally shot. Then.... um.... I ran him over with my Hummer."

...the perfect plan... it could never fail...

Oh yeah, I almost forgot! LOL@CHRYSLER


  1. I can see the propaganda campaign now...
    "Support American Car Companies. Buy Chinese"

    I wonder what will happen first. Chinese government overthrown by the pissed off prole class, or inflation raises wages in China to the point where American workers become competitive again. Ben, how do you create polls?

  2. If you're logged in, hit "customize" in the top right corner. Then, on page layout, click add gadget where you want the poll to go and you have to hunt down the poll gadget. I'm sure you can figure it out.

  3. read 1johngalt's comment at the bottom of the first link, he deserves to be shot.