Saturday, October 17, 2009

Badass Pioneer

Today, I woke up and turned on the tv. Of course, it was on one of our hunting channels. My dad loves that shit. I start watching... they're pretty good on this channel. So one comes up and they're talking about this guy named Hugh Glass. He goes on a trip to explore the Missouri River in 1823, where South Dakota/Montana is now. He comes along a grizzly and her cubs and before he can shoot his rifle, the bear picks him up, slams him to the ground, and starts to maul him. Hes fighting it off with his knife when his friends come save his ass. Hes got a broken leg and claw marks all over, including some that have his bare ribs showing. He tries to walk but ends up passing out. Everybody decides hes dead, so they take all his equipment and weapons and leave him. Some time later the guy wakes up. What does he do? Die? No. He manages to navigate 200 miles to the nearest fort. Seriously. He couldn't walk. He crawled 200 miles. What a fucking badass. Also... I found this picture with google, but its from lol.

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  1. Holy fucking shit. On Isle Royale after 14 days of hiking we only got 110 miles covered.
    On his wikipedia page it says he set his own leg and used maggots from rotting logs to eat the dead flesh from his wounds. Badass indeed.