Monday, October 19, 2009

Don't Talk to Cops

If you guys have a free hour you should watch these videos. They sum up the Fifth Amendment and Miranda Warnings and why you shouldn't talk to cops under any circumstances. It's kind of scary what they can do with your ignorance and innocent self contradictions. I've done some the examples they talked about like at traffic stops.

The first video is from the point of view of a trial lawyer. More theory of law and evidence.

The second video is from the point of view of an experienced cop. More real life examples of traffic stops and interrogations.


  1. So when you get pulled over you distract them with stuff like "how bout them lions" long enough to get your speed cleared and then plead the 5th?

  2. one, two, three, four, FIIFFF

    lol i still haven't watched this... exams... i will though.