Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Next Gun

I've had my CPL for a while now and never carried a pistol yet. I need something smaller yet reliable and powerful enough for a carry gun. I missed an opportunity to get one of these a week ago due to being at work. Here are the Ruger specs, something to compare its size. Yeah, i also noted the GIANT recall at the top of the ruger page, that issue is probably resolved...


  1. lol nice comparison.

    How much does ammo cost?

    damn it I need a hand gun.

  2. walmart about $20 for 100r, anywhere else $20+ for only 50r! .38acp is basically a 9mm with less powder so they should be close to the same price.
    Get one of these for a carry gun if you want to get a ccw OR if you want a bigger better gun--> Find someone who makes a .40S&W and .357Sig of the same model and buy the other barrel and have 2 guns for the price of one, if i wouldn't have got such a good deal on the 9mm i would have done that.

  3. I bought this gun yesterday, registered it today and shot it at todds. IT IS FUCKIN SWEET! 2.5in barrel and i can shoot it just as accurate as my full size M&P 9mm. No issues with recoil whatsoever with one hand despite the fact i can't get my pinkie on the grip even with the clip extender. BUY THIS GUN.

    PS. If you see any 380auto or 38acp at walmart for less than $15 for 50 rounds buy as many as you can get and i'll pay you next break. I can't find them down here anywhere.