Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mace Windu is a Badass

Also, I want this to be made into a t-shirt. That would be epic. Unfortunately, the only way I've found to order t-shirts that are black w/custom printing is to order them in quantities of 20+, which isn't going to happen lol.


  1. how much would that cost? and i'm sure you could sell that t-shirt to anybody that remotely likes SLJ or star wars. what about a shirt with my profile pic on facebook that says "thats right Obama"

  2. lol that would make a pretty damn good tshirt. I don't remember how much it would cost. I'll look into it again this weekend. It would totally be an AWESOME shirt lol. I suppose I can think of a couple people I could sell it to. We'll see..... could be a good idea....