Saturday, February 21, 2009

Finally, a slave theme park

This is from another site ROFLMAO:

Michael Jackson’s brother Marlon is developing an amusement park about slavery, which actually makes a lot of sense if you think about it. I'm lying of course. The Guardian UK says...
A museum for the Jackson Five is to be built in Nigeria as part of a $3.4bn luxury resort including concert halls, golf courses, casinos – and a memorial for Africa's former slave trade. The Badagry Historical Resort, located near Badagry's former slave port, will include a memorial, slave history theme park, five-star hotel and Jackson Five museum. The project is supported in part by Marlon Jackson, one of Michael Jackson's brothers. "The Jackson family had been looking for a place to site their memorabilia collection," explained Gary Loster, chief executive of the Motherland Group. "We visited the site of the slave port in Badagry and Marlon turned to me and said: 'Let's put it here, this is right.'"
If I were a black guy I’m not so sure how fun this park would sound. I'd be worried my exit would be 800 miles away and they would sick dogs after me if I tried to leave. On the plus side, I could probably organize a revolt and rape some of the hot white women. Which I was hoping to do anyway.


  1. Coming attractions:
    The Kunta Kinte Experience
    Uncle Tom's Concert Hall
    Amos Fortune's Free Man Golf Course
    Harriot Tub-Man's Subterranean Monorail Ride
    Georgia Style Forced Cotton Picking
    The Jim Crow Memorial Aviary
    Plus "grits 'n corn bread" food stands and three fifths of souvenirs

    ...can't wait

  2. c'mon lets keep this going:

    The Negro Royale Casino and all you can eat cornmeal buffet