Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I'm going through with making a t-shirt, or t-shirts, depending on whether or not you guys wanna go in on this too. I was thinking Star Wars, but I'm open to suggestions. I have shit to do next week, then after that its winter break for me. I'm taking the week off from work and I'll be home, so I'm going to make and order shirts then. As for the picture above, it would make a cooler poster than t-shirt if you cropped, unless you faded out the edges or something. I might order one of those too lol.

If you think of something that you can't find online, I'm open to doing some photoshop too. Andy will be working and Michelle will be in Atlanta, so I'll have plenty of free time for this lol.


  1. Can we order individuals or do you need to order large batches? I want one with this on the front.

  2. ROFL thats hilarious. Don't have to order them in large batches if you get them from the right places. That one would be cheap since it has only 2 colors in it too.