Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Blueberry progress

My blueberry farm progress has been limited by specific needs of the plants themselves to properties with existing plants or promising soil types. I found a decent looking house but i think i could see corn stalks through the snow in the lot behind the house . Also i have also been feeling the effects of the economy working only 40 hour weeks since december which is about a 40% cut in net pay. There is also now signs of this getting better soon as 1st and 2nd welds now take some days off and work only about 30 hours a week. But, crop losses of blueberries in the southern hemisphere total to $5 BILLION this winter due to an extreme drought so the price will be sky high this year. Unfortunately that may or may not be a good thing because i talked to a couple that was thinking of possibly retiring and selling this year (their 15 acre mature patch and small house). I plan on asking them to help me learn a few things and voulenteer to maybe make them more willing sellers.


  1. I totally knew this blog thing was a good idea.

    Anyway, are you thinking of actually buying a house? How much money have you accumulated? lol it must be a shit ton. Suppose that'd be a pretty solid plan if you were to buy a mature patch. Not only would the bank be more likely to give you a loan to buy the place if you've got a solid business plan, but it's also the perfect time to buy houses. I don't think the recession is getting any worse than this. Loan interest rates are probably high though... hmm... i guess i really have no idea lol.

    Good luck though.

  2. Richland township! Yes! That's less than 4 miles from my parents' house.
    Yeah, it's a buyer's market. I don't usually house shop so I don't know what to think of that price. Seems decent for 11 acres.

  3. For some reason I really didn't see the details when i looked at it before. I just saw the picture. It says 3 outbuildings and 2 large barns. Seems like a lot for the price. There has to be a catch somewhere, but I could be wrong. The land might not be what you're looking for.

  4. the land is not what i'm looking for and in person the house really shows its age so that was the catch. looked good on paper though. btw today i went and helped joe frost clean denny's for 2.5 hours today BEFORE work, extra $45 cash and an increased need for sleep. to give you a better idea on the cost in this area farmland or vacant acreage runs for $2000-5000+ per acre on average.
    15 acres vacant + $33k for bushes and 4 years
    OR 15 acres already mature and instaharvest. I can offer way more per acre because of the cost of bushes. right now i have $18k and no debt and greenstone wants 20% down on loans so i can get about $90k in loans. I should be able to pay ALL of that back in less than 2 full harvests on 15 mature acres.

  5. You best get hoppin then, springs coming around the corner.

  6. my progress might be hindered even more, SCE laid off 30 people, (15%) on monday. No one has got laid off on first shift lasers but i think i'll be ok. I made it past round 1 and i am the ideal employee: 1) reliable 2) cost 35% less than a 10 year guy 3) no dependents 4) well liked

    BTW i just got an eval last week and i think i am going to get max raise, while 30 people lost their jobs...

  7. I'm sure you'll be fine. You'll realize how valuable you actually are to them when you do end up leaving the place for good. As soon as I announced I was quitting Best Buy, the managers started sending pleas for me to stay because I was their best worker. I was #2, but he quit like 2 weeks before that. Since they never offered me a raise, and gave me a 20 cent raise over my entire year working my ass off there, I quit with a big "fuck you" lol.