Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ben = Sad

Well, I now realize that if I want to get a good computer, I'll probably end up getting a Radeon graphics card, although I'm not typically a fan. They're nice but nVidia is usually better. The problem is that AMD owns ATI now, so a lot of AMDs stuff is optimized to work with ATI. Basically, if I want the best from both my videocard and my processor, I may have to save my money and buy Intel. Oh well, I guess I'm too broke to worry about it anyway.

Oh, and I saw this ad and have no idea wtf they're even talking about. Accelerate reality? Seriously? Like... as in... "I have an ATI videocard, and it helps my life run SOOO much more smoothly"? Is this supposed to be the ultimate pitch to the WoW crowd? lol whatever

1 comment:

  1. Must be a marketing mistake. Accelerating one's reality causes premature death.