Saturday, March 28, 2009

Making Cars Environmentally Unfriendly

Here you see a car whose performance has been augmented by a big, stupid looking tree and attaching it to the roof. Now its super non-aerodynamic and has extra weight on it. Additionally, its probably not legal. Whatever the cost, the important thing is that it sends a huge message. It says "I'm so fucking cool that I wasted my time and money by making my car into a 3500 lb. paper weight." I took this picture today with my phone, and yes... it is a car parked in downtown Ann Arbor. I thought it was really funny because it probably has worse performance than Andy's truck hauling a 30' trailer lol.

Anyway, the real reason I made a new post: joke time!! Hopefully these are two new jokes that you guys haven't heard, because they were new to me until today. There was no good way to hid the answer, so its in black text right after the question marks. Just highlight to read:

Whats a word that starts with n and ends with r and is something you never want to call a black person?? Neighbor

What do 9 out of 10 people enjoy??? Gang rape

I think we all know that the best jokes are the most offensive lmao.