Monday, March 23, 2009

Get Rich Quick

Step 1: Uphold high levels of integrity and consistency.

Step 2: Accumulate credits

Step 3: ???

Step 4: Get lots of MONEY

You guys have to help me... I need to figure out where I can exchange my credits.... and who the fuck is holding onto my credits???? THINK OF ALL THE MONEYS!!!

and yes this was really my fortune from lunch today.... lol


  1. fucking wow. isn't it obvious, ben? your a college student. it should read:

    With "academic" integrity and "lots of" consistency your "credit hours" are pilling up.
    chink bear express * chink bear inn

  2. no rames, to me its obvious. we must access our old swg accounts and exchange our credits. they currently except them in australia, japan and china. OR it is referring to the genius plan of our government "rescuing" (securing complete ownership) the american banking system. then borrow trillions of dollars from china therefore going deep in debt and forfeiting ownership of the banks to china. then the chinks can call in all the loans and repossess America. So your fortune was really a misfortune cookie. How did it taste ben? hmm? hmm? was it good? nice and sweet? pleasing to the eye? was it complimentary? was it yellow like the fucking slope who made it? was it big? was it msg free? or was it the bitter taste of defeat to a organ failure yellow skinned, dark nippled, slanted eyed people at the hands of our savior barrack obama?

  3. LMFAO "our savior barrack obama"