Saturday, April 25, 2009

At least...

we got laid, have had jobs, but yet have had time to find these gems. Those geeks still do have one advantage though, at least they aren't B L A C K !



    lol pretty much everything in that fox news reel was taken out of context... hilarious.

    Oh, and don't call 911, the cops will kill you (common knowledge).

  2. The kuh sound comes at the end!
    Very good

    Teach me not learn me
    Tests not tesses
    Quit not kwiddit

    The guy teaches me so much. He teaches us all. lol my god

  3. This is all a top-secret level battle tactic. Make them think they're all stupid and oppressed by "teaching them how not to be ignorant." I mean.... why would we teach them if they weren't ignorant? Therefore, they MUST be.

    Then one of them figures out the system, and the Man makes a deal with him. Then that guy turns around and is "trying to get people out of the ghetto" and stuff. I mean... Bill Cosby doing Jello commercials? Not exactly a good cover for being an agent of the Man. Srsly.

    This is like... epic slave revolt control. Either that, or there are druglord masterminds at work here keeping their workers where they belong.