Wednesday, April 1, 2009



Since I was spending too much damn time on facebook, and not doing productive things, I decided to deactivate my account. If you guys need to get a hold of me, well.. you have my number and my email address is



  1. LMAO srsly? you had to deactivate your account so u wouldn't go onto facebook? lol you must have spent a LOT of time there to make yourself do that.

  2. I thought I was spending a lot of time on there, just looking at random shit, I don't really use it to talk to people, so I figured I would 'delete' it. Now I can't get on and stalk people anymore =(

  3. Don't worry Don, you'll find another way to stalk.

  4. Hell yeah. I fucking hate facebook now. I swear to god one of these days they'll enact a massive advertisement campaign. You'll be seeing poorly target ads which end up as useless bandwidth hogs and page clutter.
    So many companies are masturbating to the thought of exploiting the densely concentrated demographics present on Facebook. Microsoft and others already have a stake in the company. Zuckerburg is just waiting for someone to make the right offer (apparently well north of $15E9)

    Facebook + time + fondling by money hungry entities = something worse than Myspace

    I predict that as online ads reach absurd levels, companies who depend on these money testicles will attempt to illegalize ad-blocking software. This is analogous to the fact that Tivo-ing and skipping through television commercials is basically stealing from the point of view of an advertiser. Of course in the long run the internet will end up on the opposite side of net neutrality as massive companies and ISP's get their way. Then we'll all be well and truly fucked.

    whoo, rant. I feel better now

  5. ok so i tried signing on to facebook today, and i was able to get back on cause my account was "reactivated". So it cannot be deleted. Facebook is taking over...

  6. That didn't take very long lol

    Facebook can't very well let every Tom, Dick, and Harry delete their accounts at freewill. That would look bad on paper. They do offer to PERMANANTLY delete EVERYTHING (FOREVER) related to you on Facebook, but they make the page so difficult to find that I guess a lot of people give up. I couldn't even find it. I had to get a link from a Google search:

    one of these days...

  7. lmao thats so funny... the whole thing... facebook taking over... don signing back onto facebook...

    But I have to disagree with you. Myspace is the worst fucking thing ever. lol its so fucking slow and has so many ads, i don't know how/why anyone uses it. Its the biggest piece of shit ever. Plus, by now everyone has learned how to hack EVERYTHING and has bots sending msgs w/your username that have spam and shit. I'm sure you guys have seen that. Anyway, once facebook actually begins to piss me off i'll just stop using it. I greatly GREATLY prefer this blog to that, so I don't even go on facebook much. I get too annoyed at people being stupid lol.

  8. ok so I went to that link Rames posted... and deleted my account, i get a message saying my account is scheduled for deletion on april 20th... soon it will all be over

  9. lmao what? they schedule it? Do they have some sort of viking funeral for a flash drive with your shit on it?

    Ben I agree with you about myspace. I think they gave people too much freedom with coding their pages. Most people don't really know how to take full advantage of said freedom and in the process succeed in creating some of the most obnoxious browser-crashing pages ever. The few people who do take advantage do so as if myspace was a chick on flunitrazepam.