Monday, April 6, 2009

Toroidal Electromagnet: Mark I

We haven't gotten a chance to test it yet, but we will first thing tomorrow morning. This baby packs a fuckin' punch with its 771 turns of magnet wire. Took me more than 3 hours to wind it. We're hoping for a force output on the order of 30 Newtons, but we're using an unverified theoretical model so we're not quite sure what it will do. Hopefully it won't give us 1 N with like 15 Amps running through it lol.

Our next revision will have something like 1600 turns. That will give us a force output thats almost 4 times greater than what this one will give. So, now the hard part begins.... testing and validation... if we get the whole thing up and running tomorrow I'll post a picture. Theres a pretty serious design review going on tomorrow where some prof. who knows nothing of your project basically will grade you on how well you know your stuff and how well your project is turning out. We best get moving if we want it to work by 5pm tomorrow (thats when our review is schedule).


  1. cool shit. that looks like pretty careful winding. did you do it by hand? which direction will it output 30N in? is it supposed to levitate something on top of it or through the center? I'm trying to imagine the magnetic field - seems like it would be unstable with that gap.

    request: try and measure how hot it gets in steady state

    keep us posted

  2. lol it should get around 200 degrees Celsius at steady state... and thats an estimate... i haven't really tested that. Anyway, it will function using eddy break currents. An aluminum disk will spin in the slot, outputting a force into the picture that you see above. Hard to describe without a picture so hopefully you understand at least partially. Also, we won't be operating at constant current. Far from it, but even so heat generation is already a huge problem. We're just trying to up the specs of the rest of our setup to protect from fire. The user getting burned is impossible to avoid lol.

  3. So, 7 years later, WTF happened?

  4. So, 7 years later, WTF happened?