Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oh nos!

Here's this interesting article on CNN about a pistachio recall.


  1. nice. I am sure mr king would forget about stachios if he saw that.

  2. that video is kinda disturbing for some reason lol

  3. Seriously though, there's a pistachio recall. This is a catastrophe. Mr. King will have no choice but to revert back to eating pancakes wrapped around sticks of margarine drizzled with used deep fryer oil from fast food restaurants even though he tells them it's for his biodeisel truck.

  4. He'll probably call them personally to let them know how disappointed in them he is, and how he'll be sending his pistachios in expecting a refund. Although, I don't think he'll be getting his money back. The recall has been called off.

    Rames, how'd you manage to get a link into your comment?

  5. (a href='insert link here')TEXT(/a)


    aren't you supposed to be able to create links in comments?

  6. oh word. I didn't know if you were finding a button somewhere that I wasn't seeing, or if you were just typing HTML into the box. Thanks.