Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dear God, somebody alert the ESRB!

Andy alerted me to the pixilated filth found in this patch. All joking aside, the modded bodies look spectacular.

If this patch was somehow released to coincide with the release of Oblivion itself back in the day, the ESRB would have a shit fit and Bethesda would end up delaying it and crippling customization in mods. It would be like a combination of when Little Big Planet was delayed because Muslims get whatever they want with the threat of mass physical violence and GTA San Andreas's Hot Coffee controversy. In Little Big Planet one of the music tracks' lyrics had a line from the Koran. The game was delayed just days before release and every copy already made was recalled, destroyed, and replaced with a fixed version. In the GTA thing a HACKER discovered that if he HACKED and modded the game you could get see a crude, pixilly strip show in the game. You had to actively hack and patch the game to make this happen so it was obviously Rockstar's fault. Hillary Clinton spearheaded that one and got it re-rated as Adult Only (AO) which necessitated a recall and re-release. As if there aren't easier ways to get your rocks off even if you're 12.

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  1. I hate Hilldog. I hope she burns in hell...soon...