Friday, April 24, 2009

Guns are for pussies

I really want to get one of these but i don't want to spend the money for the gun or the ammo. Hand Cannons like this are really expensive but the stats are... killer.


  1. Jesus christ WTF man?!? More than $1 per bullet? Holy jesus they must have been made with epic machining.... or are just overpriced lol. Either way... its all very expensive.

  2. "Faster than a speeding bullet...," but not when it is fired from Smith & Wesson's new Model 460XVR

    15" long wow!
    Andy, get it gold plated

  3. LOL omg it weighs 4.5 lbs. I think my shotgun weighs like 8lb. lol.

  4. even if i got a ccw i probably couldn't conceal this thing very well. If it costs over 1400 chromed, imagine what it costs customized and gold plated.

  5. "i probably couldn't conceal this thing very well."

    With a gun this big I don't think the idea is to conceal it lol. It's probably intended to be as intimidating and attention grabbing as possible.

    Attempts at strapping it to the inside of a jacket will probably result in absurd hilarity.

  6. I was deer hunting in the thumb a few years ago and saw a guy with one of these in a holster on his right thigh. It was huge and covered most of his upper leg, so it might even be as big as the one above. He was basically going up and down the road hoping someone would drive deer out of the thick stuff and he could just blast em lol.

    He looked like a retarded hillbilly walkin down a dirt road, and I passed him while in a truck, but he was still very intimidating lol.