Friday, April 3, 2009

Puddin' Pops

God... I'm bored, its a Friday night, and I have no money. So here it is, the reason I made this post. Some may say hes a big stupid doo doo head, but I think Bill Cosby is fuckin funny. Ok, maybe hes just crazy, but srsly... that shit is funny.

Also, wtf is with the guy in that picture? Srsly.

EDIT: Heres the remix. I'm gonna cut the first half and make it my ringtone lol.


  1. LMAO jesus fucking christ

    bur da bur da bur chitlin legs!

    Seth MacFarlane couldn't even make that shit up

    On ESPN 2, 3, or 6.

    And tonight ladies and gentleme-BURRRRRRR ba BUR BUR! And we're out of time and have fun

    wtf seriously lmao